Queen Mary and other Web Links

Here are some web pages on the Queen Mary worth visiting.

Queen Mary Vacation Pictures Here Tracy takes us all along on her visit to the ship.

Hotel Queen Mary Web Page Here is information on how to stay on the Queen Mary.

Other Ships Pages

Crew Connected The essential connection for sea, air, ex-crew and colleagues! We offer a free connection to contact friends, exciting online courses including career development and stopover tips.

The Kalakala Foundation The Streamlined ferry Kalakala is now up for sale. Anyone want to buy a 1935 Art Deco ferryboat in need of restoration?

Ships of State This is a web page on many different Atlantic Ocean Liners.

Misc Ship Related Pages

Ship Models

Queen Mary at War An interesting account of a WWII era crossing.

Cunarder's1 Page Includes many photographs of off-limits areas of the Queen Mary.

Normandie Page The great French Liner Normandie.

SS United States Page See the ship that still lives and awaits new life!

To rebuild the Titanic??? Read all about different plans around the world to rebuild this ill-fated liner.

Pier 90 A page on many different ships.

Maritime Dealers, Organizations, and Foundation Pages

Down Memory Lane...Ship books model kits prints postcards memorabilia Used to have a shop on board the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I hear he is a nice guy.

New Steamship Consultants - Ocean Liner Memorabilia Home Page

Third International Conference on the Technical Aspects of the Preservation of Historic Vessels

Steamship Historical Society of America

Virginia V Foundation The last of Seattle's "Mosquito Fleet" is currently undergoing restoration.

ShipShape - Antique Ocean Liner Memorabilia and Collectibles

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