Queen Mary Profile

Queen Mary Profile

I took this from the pier in the park across the bay from the ship. There were many people on the pier enjoying the sunny June evening. I wonder how many realized how historically significant the Queen Mary is, or how lucky they are to have such a beautiful ship in their midst.

Queen Mary Vital Statistics

27 December 1930; Keel is Laid
12 December 1931; Work is suspended due to economic emergency
December 1933; Government subsidy is announced
3 April 1934; Work is resumed
26 September 1934; Completed hull is launched
24 March 1936; Departure from Clydebank
26 March 1936; Arrival at Southampton
April 1936; Speed Trials
27 May 1936; Maiden voyage from Southampton to New York
5 June 1936 Return voyage from New York
17 June 1936 Second sailing from Southampton
30 August 1939; Last pre-war sailing to New York
March 1940 - September 1946; War Service

War Service of Queen Mary:

Military Personnel Carried: 765,429
Distance Sailed: 569,429 miles (916,407km)
Wounded carried from Eurpoe to United States
Winston Churchill crossed Atlantic three times to conferences
12,886 GI Brides and children carried from Eurpoe to U.S.

31 July 1947; Resumed peacetime passenger service
19 September 1967; Retired from regular passenger service
(after completing 1,001 crossings of Atlantic)
31 October 1967; Departed on 'Last Great Cruise'
9 December 1967; Arrived at Long Beach, California
10am Monday, 11 December 1967; Change of ownership: Removed from British registry and officially turned over to ownership of City of Long Beach

Constructed by: John Brown and Company Limited, Clydebank, Scotland
Gross tonnage: 81,237 gross tons
Overall length: 1,019.5 feet
Overall beam (width): 118 feet
Height from keel to promenade deck: 92.5 feet
Draft: 39 feet 4 inches
Number of decks: 12
Length of promenade deck: 724 feet
Rudder: 140 tons
Hull plates: 8 to 30 feet in length; up to 1 1/4 inches thick
Bow Anchors: 2 of 16 tons; 18 feet in length
Anchor chain: 900 feet in length; weighing 45 tons.
Anchor chain link: 2 feet long, weighing 224 lb
Whistles: 3 - steam type; two on forward funnel, one on middle
funnel, each over 6 feet long weighing 2,205 lb
Lifeboats: 24, powered by 18hp diesel engines. Capacity: 145 persons
Smokestacks: 3 - elliptical in shape; 36 feet fore and aft,
23.3 feet wide, Height: forward; 70.5 feet, middle:
67.5 feet, aft: 62.25 feet
Cruising speed: 28.5 knots
Fuel consumption: 13 feet per gallon of grade 'C' bunker oil
Passenger capacity: 1,957
Officers and crew: 1,174

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