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Queen Mary At Full Steam during her Trials,

Queen Mary at Full Steam during her Sea Trials, 1936

Thanks for visiting. I created this web page with the intent to enable people to see the Queen Mary in pictures no matter where they are in the world. I am very pleased that many people can learn about this great ship and will hopefully visit the ship in person for themselves. Maybe even stay aboard her in one of her 365 staterooms. I am a photographer and the Queen Mary is the ultimate subject for photography. Every square inch of this ship is beautiful to me. Please take a leisurly stroll about the ship and learn what a real treasure this ship is.

My aim for this web page is for those who visit it to gain knowledge and awareness of the great ship Queen Mary, the last of her kind in the world. I believe she is relatively unknown despite being in her now permanent moorage in Long Beach for nearly 50 years. I hope that those who explore this page and view the photographs I have taken aboard the Queen Mary will want to visit the ship for themselves and delve deeper in to the fascinating history and stories of this famous liner.

The Queen Mary is the last great Atlantic Liner in existance after 100 years of ships built to carry passengers across the North Atlantic in regularly scheduled service from Europe to North America. The age when it was "The Only Way to Cross" is long gone now and only with great efforts by those who love her will the Queen Mary keep the memories of the Great Atlantic Liners and those who sailed on them alive. Rather than simply a convention center and hotel, as the City of Long Beach purchased her for, she is much more a grand lady of the sea boasting an extremely successful career as a liner and troopship during W.W.II. The Queen Mary is a venerable floating museum enabling all who board her to step back in time and experience a little of what her lucky passengers did while crossing the North Atlantic.

I hope by viewing the photographs on my web page you can reenter a world when time was not compressed by airports, but greatly slowed down by the gentle cradle-like rolling of the ships in the arms of the great Atlantic Ocean.

[Queen Mary
Arriving at New

Queen Mary Arriving at New York

Queen Mary as a WWII

Queen Mary As a WWII Troopship

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