1966 Queen Mary Mediterranean Cruise

I was at the local ship nautical store the other day, and I came upon some old photo albums one of which contained some pictures from a cruise taken by an elderly couple, a Mr. and Mrs. Ryan of Seattle, aboard the Queen Mary to the Mediterranean. The itinerary is here.

(Left) Another view of the ship from the tender. Check out that rust!
(Center) Another beautiful view of the ship in her service days.
(Right) Just couldn't resist that last view of the ship before we are whisked away to some unknown location where we might never return!

(Left) Original A Deck corridor during service. Note original flooring.
(Center) The only place on the ship where the door is at an oblique angle(this is on the port side - there is another room (now A111 in the hotel) that has the same door at an angle). A62 is the door to the left of Mr. Ryan.
(Right) Inside A62 (now A114). Note the privacy curtain next to the door.

(Left) Great starboard side view of the ship. At Las Palmas.
(Center) Probably taken shortly after boarding at New York, hence the champagne'.
(Right) Ships clocks in every room, hooked up to a central control to advance them according to time zone changes, usually about an hour a day. All clocks are now gone from the rooms. Where did they go?

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